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“Our mission is to strengthen democratic values by increasing voters education”



The Gina Unimke & Trisha Shine (GUTS) is a human service Foundation which was formed in the year 2022, as a Non-Profit Non-Governmental organization based in Abuja, Nigeria. Our focus is to mobilize communities towards sustainable and responsible development strides and celebrate the rich diversity of our country. We encourage individuals and organizations who remain committed to the breaking of the cycle of marginalization and poverty that our nation faces.

Our core values are Integrity, Perseverance, Loyalty and Endurance.

These values help us provide support to:

To create an environment In which every member ofthe society is cared for through awareness andcampaigns.

To advocate for and be a voice for the youths.

To develop leaders who will make a global impact.

To promote environmental development initiatives through advocacy and awareness.


Barbara Vivien Imbufe is a philanthropist, serial entrepreneur, and an advocate for women and youth empowerment. Driven by her unending passion for touching lives and serving humanity, she has worked in community development projects to aid as many people as possible in the society.

In 2022, she founded the Gina Unimke and Trisha Shine (GUTS) foundation which has been exciting for her to be working alongside partners and trustees to see women, the youth, the poor and other marginalized groups enjoy life with dignity.

Her passion is to advocate within communities so that children can have access to education, families can have access to health care and everyone’s voice as part of a community is heard.

Our Volunteer

We are a team of individuals wishing to impact and Influence people to make the most of their self and claim their place and space in all spheres of life through information, empowerment, skills development and providing the necessary resources and mentorship needed.

Oluchi Okoro

Oluchi Okoro


Theresa Nwaturuocha

Theresa Nwaturuocha


Judith Michael

Judith Michael



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